Renfrewshire Council

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Before you arrive at a household waste recycling centre (HWRC)

What you should do when you arrive at a household waste recycling centre and what safety measures are in place.

You must bring proof that you're a resident of Renfrewshire, like a council tax bill or your driving licence, or you will not be permitted to enter and use our recycling centres. If using using a van, pickup, minibus or car with a trailer, you must obtain a permit in advance.

When arriving at the recycling centre, a Renfrewshire Warden or member of the waste team will check your proof of residency and ID.

You will not be allowed entry to the recycling centre if you do not have this with you. 

Please show this through the window of your car and do not leave your vehicle.

You will then be asked what you are getting rid of and directed to the appropriate skip.

We will not be able to assist you with emptying your car, so please only bring what you can carry yourself.

If you have white goods or extremely large items, a second person can assist in emptying it but should return to the car as soon as possible.

Physical distancing should be maintained at all times from our team members.

A limited number of cars may be allowed in at any one time.

You should then leave via the signposted exit.

Safety measures in place

Please wash your hands before and after visiting.

All our operatives on site will be wearing the appropriate PPE at all times.

Recycling centres will be disinfected regularly as part of a strict programme of cleaning.

Physical distancing will be in place at all times.

A limited number of vehicles will be allowed in at any one time.

The Renfrewshire Wardens will be available to enforce restrictions and, if necessary, Police Scotland.