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HR support while schools are closed: Your questions answered

We received some staff questions on social and our colleagues in HR have provided these useful answers.

Please note questions and answers have been amended for anonymity.

Can I still make an Occupational Health referral?

Yes, the Occupational Health referrals process is continuing as normal, but appointments will be held over the phone rather than going into their office.

To make a referral, contact your link HR Adviser for supporting attendance with a completed OHS referral form. Your HR Adviser will review the form on your behalf and can provide guidance on completing it.

There is also an Occupational Health helpline, 0141 212 6970, for both staff and managers to seek medical advice on Coronavirus/Covid-19 and any concerns related to health at work. The helpline is open during normal office hours.

How should I submit my sick line?

Please take a photograph on your fit note on your mobile phone and then send the fit note to

Supply teacher - What should I do about getting paid?

The quick answer is that you do not need to do anything.

The SNCT have issued a circular on the payment of supply teaching staff and you can read that here.

As a council, we are in the process of calculating these payments, so you shouldn't process any timesheets or claims via Business World for casual teaching supply hours.

The Service Delivery Officers and Education Support Managers for your school will ensure that these payments continue to be made.

I have returned from maternity leave. Should I have received a contract?

It's best to get in touch with employee services, who are responsible for issuing contracts of employment. You can get in touch by emailing

Published on Friday 1 May 2020.