Renfrewshire Council

Unpaid Work team provide much-needed pharmacy support

To support the Covid-19 response, the Unpaid Work team have been working relentlessly as pharmacy collection drivers.

Supervisors Nicole Adam, Dougie Pyke, Tom Flood, Robert Barr and Natalie Hendren have been working with staff from Renfrewshire HSCP, Environmental Health and local pharmacies to ensure that the most vulnerable people who are shielding at home have access to the prescriptions that they need.

Every day the supervisors receive a list of collections to be made, they visit local pharmacies and then deliver prescriptions to people at home. During the early stages, the number of collections that the staff were carrying out was rather low, however, as things have progressed numbers have risen, and staff are now delivering up to 20 prescriptions a day - that's exceptional.

This is an essential service during these challenging times, however, everyone in the team have risen to the challenge and are proud to be 'doing their bit' to help the most vulnerable in Renfrewshire. We are grateful for them and hugely proud of the commitment that they have shown to the service!

Carol-Anne Soones

Manager - Unpaid Work and Other Activity

Published on Friday 1 May 2020.