Renfrewshire Council

19 February update

Elected members today (19 February), approved proposals to further progress Year 1 of the Right for Renfrewshire programme.

This means we will now progress and implement six agreed service designs over the coming months:

  • Customer and Transactional Services
  • Placeshaping
  • Developing Communities
  • Community Protection
  • Facilities Management
  • Prevention and Early Intervention

Right for Renfrewshire will deliver: 

  • A leaner, more efficient organisation that is right for people and right for communities
  • Resource focused where it is needed most
  • Clarity about what the council is best placed to deliver
  • Services designed around people and local need
  • Greater staff empowerment, integrated teams and mobile working
  • Community empowerment
  • Greater collaboration with partners
  • The right culture to develop the skills and potential of our workforce.

Last year almost 4,000 employees and local people shared their experience of, and aspirations for the council. This feedback is reflected in each service design and informed the development of corporate values that will drive our future workplace culture and support implementation of Right for Renfrewshire.

Employee updates and VR/VER 

All employees whose posts are in scope within a Year 1 service design will receive an update on what the design means for them and what will happen next. This will be carried out by your management team. 

For those employees who have continued to express an interest in either Voluntary Redundancy or Voluntary Early Retirement, your Manager will now be in touch to arrange a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss the outcome of your application. This discussion will take place as soon as possible. 

For employees whose posts are in scope as part of the Prevention and Early Intervention service design, these conversations will be later this year.

Phasing change 

The timeline for implementing each service design will be different and will be phased over the next year. This is due to the nature of the services involved and the extent of new technology and changes to systems and processes that will be required to change the way we currently work. 

Implementing Year 1 service design is currently estimated to involve a reduction of approximately 130 FTE posts, delivered through voluntary redundancy, voluntary early retirement and vacancy management. 

The timing of release under voluntary severance will be phased over 2020/21 to align with the progress of each service design.  

Why change is required

The priority is to be fit for the future and able to respond to a changing environment and demand for services. We also need to bring our costs down. This means making the most of our assets, working much more collaboratively across services, providing staff with the right tools and technology, rethinking out of date systems and processes that slow us down and working differently with communities and partners in future.

It is anticipated that the Right for Renfrewshire programme will contribute towards approximately £25 million of savings over 3 years.

Next Steps

All council employees can find out more about the programme on the Right for Renfrewshire section on the intranet and public website including a Q&A to help answer commonly raised questions. 

If you require any more information about the programme and what this means for you, please speak to your manager. 

We will continue to keep Trade Unions updated on proposals.

Right for Renfrewshire Year One Service Designs

Customer and Transactional Services - Simplify service requests for employees and customers by automating and integrating common processes, enabling people to self-serve and find information easily, and designing tailored support for people with complex needs.

Placeshaping - Redefining our relationships with our partners and making sure as a Council that we work closer with each other and with our partners pooling resources, ideas and energy to secure the future well-being of Renfrewshire and support economic growth.  

Developing Communities - Working with local communities to adapt services to meet their needs, making them more accessible and building local capacity so people can take a more active role in their community.

Community Protection - Making sure services are targeted to where they can have maximum impact, working with our partners and local communities, sharing intelligence and data to deliver systems and processes that keep communities safe.

Facilities Management - Designed around the needs and future requirements of local people, communities and staff to provide modern, safe and sustainable buildings and services.

Prevention and Early Intervention - Working with children, families and individuals who require support from specialist housing and social work services to make sure they receive this at the earliest opportunity, ensuring our services have a positive impact. 
This service design will continue to be progressed with a further updated to elected members before summer.