Renfrewshire Council

12 February update

An update to elected members on our Right for Renfrewshire programme and the proposals for our six service designs have been published today (12 February) in advance of the Leadership Board next week (19 February).

Since our last update in December a significant amount of work has been completed by colleagues from across the council, as part of the six service designs planned for Year One of our Right for Renfrewshire programme.

Our Right for Renfrewshire Programme

What makes Right for Renfrewshire different is that it is looking at the council as a whole, rather than individual services in isolation - and focusing on the most important outcomes for local people and communities.

The main goals for Right for Renfrewshire are to design services around local people and their needs, and the development of a culture that supports and empowers employees and new ways of working.

Right for Renfrewshire is about transforming the way we work, not simply reducing employee numbers. It is not about individuals taking on more work - it's a fundamental look at how we deliver services and how we protect the wellbeing of our employees and the future services should reflect these principles in their design.

Changes to how we deliver our services are subject to consultation with employees and Trade Unions and any future changes will be agreed by Elected Members.

Year One service designs

The service designs to be progressed were agreed by elected members in September 2019 and at this time we asked for expressions of interest in Voluntary Redundancy and Voluntary Early retirement from staff whose posts were in-scope:

  • Customer and Transactional Services
  • Placeshaping
  • Community Development
  • Community Protection
  • Facilities Management
  • Prevention and Early Intervention

We are now seeking approval from elected members to implement the proposed changes emerging from these service designs.

If approved, final work on Year One service designs will be completed and changes implemented in the coming months. We estimate this would involve a reduction of around 130 FTE posts as part of changes from Year One, and this will be delivered through voluntary severance and vacancy management. The final figure may vary slightly, and this will be known when service designs are finalized.

The actual timing of voluntary release will be phased over 2020/21 to align with the progress of each service design.

Next Steps

We appreciate that colleagues who continue to express an interest in either Voluntary Redundancy or Voluntary Early Retirement will be keen to know the outcome and arrangements are being made to meet with employees face-to-face to discuss their application and next steps, as soon as possible after Leadership Board on 19 February.

All employees whose posts are in-scope within a Year One service design, will receive an update on the progress of the service design and what will happen next.

For employees whose posts are in scope as part of the Prevention and Early Intervention service design, these conversations will be later this year.

Trade Unions will continue to be kept informed throughout.

After the Leadership Board on 19 February, we will also update the Right for Renfrewshire section on the intranet, including an updated Q&A and our public website.

If you need any further information in the meantime, please contact your Manager or Head of Service.