Renfrewshire Council

Annual leave information for staff

Advice for staff about taking or carrying forward annual leave, travel advice and quarantine, bank holidays and public holidays, flexitime, flexible working and coronavirus (COVID-19) related absence.

Although holiday plans may be restricted due to the coronavirus outbreak and quarantining, it is still important to take your annual leave.

Even if you cannot go away for your holidays, it is important that you:

  • have some time away from work to relax and recharge
  • balance your work and life during the pandemic
  • look after yourself while continuing to provide critical public services. 

Advice on looking after your health and wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic

Take your annual leave

We encourage you to take your annual leave entitlement regularly and proportionately throughout 2021. This will make sure that if we return to normal operations, there isn't a disproportionate number of staff on annual leave, placing additional pressures on services and other colleagues. 

You should try to take a minimum of 6 months' worth of annual leave between 1 January 2021 and 31 July 2021. 

For example, if you work full time, 5 days per week and you have 20 days annual leave entitlement, you should take a minimum of 10 days' worth of annual leave between 1 January and 31 July 2021.

It is important that you do not get to the end of 2021 with a significant amount of annual leave still to be taken.  

Carry over annual leave

You can carry over up to 20 days annual leave into 2021 and 2022 (pro-rata for part time employees).

You can carry over up to 10 days to 2021 and up to 10 days to 2022.

If you need to carry over more days than this, it is at the discretion of your Head of Service or Director. They will need to agree to you carrying over more than 10 days each year in exceptional circumstances. 

If you are not sure what your annual leave entitlement is or you think it's wrong, speak to your line manager first. If it needs to be adjusted, they will contact HR to get it changed. 

If you work part time or job share

If you work part time or job share, you need to book a full day off, even if you only work part of the day or part of a shift. 

If you transfer to another job in the council

If you transfer to a new position in the council, you must cancel any remaining annual leave in your old position before you move to your new position.  If you don't cancel it, you won't be able to re-book these days in your new position.

If you leave the council

If you leave the council, you must use all your remaining annual leave before you go. Your remaining leave is calculated pro-rata from to the number of completed months you've already worked over the calendar year.  If you have taken more annual leave than your remaining balance, this additional leave will normally be deducted from your final pay. 

See your team's leave balances

If you're a manager, you can run a report which will provide you with the balance of leave for each of your team members.  To do this:

  • log on in into Business World
  • search for 'REP500' in the search box of the main screen
  • click on the report called 'Annual Leave Entitlements'
  • click search to see each person in your team and their remaining leave balance.

See the Business World guides on how to:

Additional annual leave

If you have bought additional annual leave for 2020, you should use this first before your normal annual leave entitlement. Book annual leave in the normal way on Business World but use your additional annual leave first. 

Travel advice and quarantine

If you are planning to go abroad for your holidays, or you need to travel for essential reasons, check the international travel advice on the GOV.UK website.

If you're returning from abroad, read the coronavirus (COVID-19) international travel and quarantine advice on the GOV.SCOT website.

You can also find advice about travel and transport around Scotland on the Transport Scotland website

Bank holidays and public holidays

If you normally get bank holidays and public holidays off, this won't change. 

If you are already scheduled to work or have been asked to support your service on a public holiday, you will be paid at the normal public holiday rates.

If you work term time only, your normal holiday arrangements still apply.


If your normal working arrangements allow you to use flexitime, you should record your flexitime as normal and speak to your manager when you want to use it. 

Flexible working and coronavirus (COVID-19) related absence

If you have childcare or extra caring responsibilities due to coronavirus (COVID-19), speak to your line manager in the first instance to discuss flexible working options or coronavirus (COVID-19) related absence. 

If you're a manager and you need to record a team member's absence due to coronavirus (COVID-19, either due to illness or caring responsibilities, see the manager's guide for when a team member tests positive for COVID-19.