Renfrewshire Council

Southholm Roundabout, Erskine

Southholm Roundabout

As a Council, we recognise the important role active travel can play in people's mental and physical health and we're committed to providing appropriate infrastructure to allow people to walk, wheel or cycle safely in Renfrewshire.

It is also a key driver towards our climate change ambitions as we encourage people to think of alternative ways to travel than using their cars, vans or motorbikes.

So what's happening at Southholm Roundabout?

We have been awarded funding from Sustrans Scotland's 'Places for Everyone' programme to deliver improvements at Southholm Roundabout (A726/Parkway/Southbar Road/Old Greenock Road) in Erskine.

At the heart of the 'Places for Everyone' programme is the ambition of creating safer, more attractive and healthier places which encourage walking and cycling journeys. 

We want to ensure that you, local residents and commuters are able to shape any works which take place at the roundabout as you will have the local knowledge of what it needed and what will and will not work.

What did we do?

There are a number of possible improvements that could be made at the roundabout to make walking and cycling in the area safer and easier, but we are aware that any improvements would need to suitably connect to surrounding communities - which is why we carried out a survey of local people.

We ran the survey from Monday 7 December 2020 to Sunday 3 January 2021 and it was promoted through social media to local people and all homes close to the roundabout received a letter inviting them to take part.

What happens next?

We are currently analysing all the feedback received to identify any improvements we wish to make.

We will endeavour to keep you, and all interested in this project, updated regularly and will seek your views at each step in the programme.

If you require further information, please email us via Environment and Infrastructure.