Renfrewshire Council

National Insurance changes to boost monthly pay

From Wednesday 6 July 2022, the threshold for National Insurance contributions will rise to £12,570 (it is currently based on earnings above £9,880), with most council employees paying less from this date.

The increase to contributions will last for one year only, with all money raised earmarked to help the overstretched NHS and social care across the UK.

The changed in contributions is designed to lessen the impact of the 1.25% rise in employee National Insurance contributions announced by the Chancellor and implemented in April 2022. 

From April 2023, National Insurance contributions will revert to its old level but a new Health and Social Care Levy, at that same 1.25% rate, will be paid separate to NI contributions, becoming a tax, and this will be shown as a separate deduction on your payslip.

For more information about the changes and how they may impact you please visit the website.