Renfrewshire Council

Scottish Parliament Elections COVID Cleaning recruitment

You may be aware of the Scottish Parliamentary Election that is due to take place on Thursday 6 May 2021.

In order that we can support the election, we are looking for staff to work on the day of the election as part of the COVID Cleaning team.

An overview of the duties that will require to be undertaken is as follows:-

  • Cleaning of touch point areas, such as chairs, toilets, entrance, appropriate areas, and any other areas as required
  • Cleaning of polling booths
  • Start/end of day cleaning regime and waste management
  • Assist Presiding Officer with responses to emergencies and evacuations (as required).
  • Report immediately to the Presiding Officer of any security concerns that may pose a threat or danger to the Resident and site safety, e.g., suspicious behaviour
  • Report immediately to the Presiding Officer of any welfare concerns that may pose a threat or danger to the Resident
  • Assist Presiding Officer with other general Health & Safety tasks as directed
  • Cover breaks for COVID Marshall
  • Any other associate cleaning duties, to ensure health and safety protocols being adhered to

How to apply

Please complete the attached application form and return it to as soon as possible.

Hours of Operation

The hours of poll will be from 7.00am - 10.00pm, however you must present at your polling station by 6.30am on the morning of Thursday 6 May 2021.

The following shift patterns will be available to be worked:-

Full Shift - 6.30am to 10.30pm

Part Shifts as follows:-

6.30am to 10.30am

10.30am to 2.30pm

2.30pm to 6.30pm

6.30pm to 10.30pm

Payment to be made

The role will be paid £10.00 per hour, so depending on the shift(s) you choose to work, the gross payment (prior to deductions) will be as follows:

Full Shift - £160.00

Part Shift - £40.00 (per part shift worked), so if you are able to work 2 shifts you will be paid £80 (gross)

There will also be a training fee paid which will be between £10/£15

We are also looking to establish a standby team, who may be called upon to support during the election day, the payment for this has still to be finalised.

Frequently Asked Questions

I currently work at a school in Renfrewshire, can I volunteer ?

Yes, unless the school is a polling station, all other schools will be closed for the in-service day so you will be able to volunteer to work at another polling station.

My school is open as a polling station, can I not just work there ?

Yes, the preference would be to allocate you to your current school, however if this is not feasible, we would look to allocate you to another school within a reasonable distance from your home.

I don't have my own transport, how can I report for a shift to start at 6.30am as the buses don't run at that time ?

If you do not have your own transport and are not able to access public transport, arrangements will be made to either offer you the option of a taxi or for you to book a taxi and claim back the expenses.

I do have my own transport, will you pay for travel expenses ?

Yes, expenses will be paid for mileage incurred.

Will you be providing training ?

Yes, training will be provided on the key roles and responsibilities you will be expected to undertake. 

Who will be my supervisor on the day of the election ?

The Presiding Officer will be responsible for the safe and effective running of the polling stations(s) on the day and you should seek their guidance on any matter of concern you may have during the day.

Will you be providing lunch/refreshments ?

You should bring appropriate refreshments and provisions for lunch etc

I am current shielding, can I volunteer ?

If, at the time of the election, shielding guidance is still in place we must ensure compliance with this.  If you have previously received a letter from the Chief Medical Officer to shield, as a result of your underlying health condition, you cannot present yourself to work at the election. 

It is important therefore that you notify to advise whether you are currently in the shielding category so that the appropriate advice and guidance can be provided to you nearer the time of the election.

I am currently in receipt of Universal Credit and other benefits, will this one off payment affect my benefits ?

Universal Credits are based on the total family income, so this additional one off payment may impact on your receipt of benefits.