Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire Community Learning and Development Plan 2018-2021

You can download a copy of the plan from the Related Documents section.

Community Learning and Development is a key driver for raising ambition, attainment and achievement, widening opportunities and improving communities in Renfrewshire.

Learning is our best resource to help us become more resilient as people, to take advantage of the opportunities of a rapidly changing world and to find a place in society where we can thrive ourselves and respect others.

Community Learning and Development within Renfrewshire requires to be flexible to the differing and changing needs of the communities it serves and has recently transferred to a new, exciting and dynamic division. The Communities, Housing and Planning division has been constructed to offer meaningful and transformational change opportunities to the community of Renfrewshire. The partnership will work to ensure that the needs of Renfrewshire are identified, met and that interventions are making a real difference to the people of this region.

The Community Learning and development service transferred from Children's Services, education department to the new division on the 1 July 2018 so at the time of writing the plan was still in transition.

Renfrewshire's Community Learning and Development plan has an integral role in delivering the four strategic priorities set out in 'Our Renfrewshire Community Plan 2017-27'.

  • Our Renfrewshire is thriving: Maximising economic growth, which is inclusive and sustainable
  • Our Renfrewshire is well: Supporting the wellness and resilience of our citizens and communities
  • Our Renfrewshire is fair: Addressing the inequalities which limit life chances
  • Our Renfrewshire is safe: Protecting vulnerable people, and working together to manage the risk of harm

The 'Our Renfrewshire' plan is also Renfrewshire's Local Outcome Improvement Plan, as required by the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 and provides a blueprint for delivery and partnership working. The plan sets out how we will organise our community learning and development to maximise positive impact on local and national policy priorities.