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Take 5 Staff News - 29 October 2020

Welcome to this week's Take 5, our weekly staff update, designed to bring you our latest news items in a five minute read... 

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Your weekly Coronavirus update

The Scottish Government has announced a 5-level protection system to manage the spread of coronavirus across Scotland. The levels will apply to your local authority area and will be set according to infection data within a local area.

What are protection levels?

The protection levels are 0,1,2,3 and 4.

Level 0 is the least restrictive, closest to normal life, with Level 4 imposing the strictest measures - closer to a full lockdown.

It is important to understand what these levels will mean for you and what you should do to comply with the latest guidance.

From 0600 hours on Monday 2 November, Renfrewshire will be at Level 3.

To see the latest available guidance, go to the Scottish Government website.

Renfrewshire - Level 3 Protection Measures

From 6am on Monday 2 November, the new level 3 protection guidance will apply to Renfrewshire. Measures will be largely similar to existing restrictions in place across Renfrewshire and central Scotland.

This means:

·       You must not visit any other household in their homes in any part of Scotland

·       Non-essential travel should be limited to within your own local authority area

·       You should only travel out with your local authority area for work, health reasons, and other essential purposes

·       For those able to work from home, this will continue for the foreseeable future

·       All hospitality premises, including cafes, pubs and restaurants, will now be able to serve food and close at 6pm, without the sale of alcohol

·       Only six people from two households should meet in a hospitality setting or outdoors

More detailed guidance can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Working safely during coronavirus

For our key workers and those travelling to workplaces, the council is following the latest government, public health and safety guidelines to ensure your safety and have completed detailed risk assessments for all our workplaces.

This is a new and changing situation for everyone and if you have any concerns, please contact your line manager or health and safety representative.  We are all here to help and support each other.

If you were previously asked to shield or have been added to the national shielding group, you will have received a letter or text message this week from the Interim Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

For colleagues in this group, a detailed workplace risk assessment and Occupational Health referral will have already taken place and you should now contact your line manager to discuss the contents of your letter from the CMO.

Please be assured that you are not being asked to shield again and it is safe for you to remain at work. We simply want to ensure we continue to have the right measures in place to support you.

It's a scream! Halloween 2020

Halloween is different this year, but there are still lots of fun ways you can enjoy the occasion.

If your kids are dressing up, why don't you join them? You could even transform your home into a haunted castle and have a have a spine-chilling household party. For some great ideas check out the and Parent Club websites.

We want to know what spooky shenanigans you're taking part in. Maybe your service area is planning a costume competition? Or maybe you just want to dress up for the fun of it!

Whether you are on site or working at home send in your scary snaps to

National Mentoring Day

Tuesday 27 October was national mentoring day, and since we value learning, we want to hear from you about someone in work who has been your mentor, or helped you progress your learning in some way.

What is a mentor?

As adults we never stop learning. That's especially true in the workplace. But what separates a mentor from a trainer, a coach or even a teacher? They all impart knowledge, help someone to learn and offer guidance. But the mark of a true mentor is someone with a high-level of expertise in the subject, who fosters an informal, open-ended relationship with the learner guiding them in their continued all-round development.

Do you have a mentor, or someone who fits the description who has helped you develop yourself with an ongoing positive impact on your behaviours and achievements at work?

Let's give them the recognition they deserve! Send in your stories to

Health and Wellbeing

Our Health, Safety and Wellbeing at Work webpage provides information and contacts to help keep you well during this time. VisitHealth, Safety and Wellbeing  

Got a story?

We'd love to hear from you! If you have a story to tell or something interesting to share, get in touch with us at Internal Communications