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*** This service is affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. Check our COVID-19 pages for the latest information ***

Please bear with us as we concentrate resources on delivering essential services.

For the latest details of any changes to our schools and nurseries, please visit our 'Schools and Nurseries advice on Coronavirus' webpage.

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1140 Early Learning and Childcare

1140 Early Learning and Childcare expansion

Nursery places

Early Years staff

1140 Early Learning and Childcare

Renfrewshire's 1140 hours expansion plan

All Scottish councils were due to provide 1140 hours of early learning and childcare to all three and four-year-olds and eligible two-year-olds by August 2020. In March the Scottish Government removed the legal duty on councils to do this. They have since accepted the impact of coronavirus means they don't expect this to be able to happen everywhere during the academic year 2020/21.

We hope you would appreciate coronavirus has caused major disruption to the work we were doing to expand our early-learning and childcare capacity by extending or building new nurseries and recruiting new staff - but we were making good progress before lockdown and are now getting that work back on track.

We can offer some reassurance to Renfrewshire parents - we are offering 1140 hours wherever we can and we will be able to offer those hours to the majority of children in local council-run, partner nurseries and childminders from August. In the places which can't do that for everyone, 1140 hours will be rolled out for all as soon as possible. These families will receive at least the legal minimum of 600 hours in the meantime.

Your child's nursery will have written to you at the start of June with details of your child's nursery placement from August (this letter will have arrived later if you hadn't applied at that point). What you were offered at that time is the placement are due to receive from August.

You will have received another letter from us on 22 June with details of what a blended learning model would look like for schools and nurseries. You can now disregard the contents of this letter. This letter contained details of what was our contingency plan should nurseries have been required to return with physical distancing in place. However the Scottish Government have since said all schools and nurseries can return as normal from August.

In terms of any work on newbuilds, extensions and refurbishments which have been delayed by coronavirus, we continue to liaise with our contractors and building work on our nursery centres and classes will resume once the national guidance around construction sites allows it.

Nursery places

Applying for a nursery place

You can still apply for a place at a council-run or funded private nursery provider using our new online form.

Apply for a nursery place (online form)

For parents and carers without internet access, you can call your preferred nursery and speak to a member of staff who will help you complete the form. You will need to send in your documents to the nursery by post. We recommend recorded delivery for added security.

Evidence required for my application

You must include the following evidence when you apply for a nursery place.

  • Proof of where you live (your residence)
  • Your child's original birth certificate
  • Proof of any benefits you receive

If you apply by emailing your nursery the form, you can include screenshots of your evidence. Please make sure the image is clear enough to read the text.

If you apply over the phone by calling your preferred nursery, you will need to send us your evidence by post. We recommend recorded delivery for added security.

If you are having any difficulties with providing any of the above evidence, please get in touch with your preferred nursery by email or phone.

Confirmation of my nursery place

If you applied before the end of May, you would have receive a letter from us at the start of June confirming your child's early learning and childcare placement. The placement specified in this letter is the correct placement for your child.

For some parents, you may have received your letter after that date if your application for a placement was later.

We also sent you a letter on Monday 22 June with details of what a blended learning model for nurseries would be, however you should disregard the contents of this letter as both schools and nurseries will open full time for children and young people from Wednesday 12 August. 

If your child attends one of our funded private provider nurseries, you will have received information about your child's placement directly from them. You should contact your child's nursery directly.

Unlike school placing requests, there is no appeal process for nursery placements.

Early Years staff

Information for Early Years staff

We have a dedicated page with information and updates for our .