Renfrewshire Council

Last reviewed: 17.45 Wednesday 23 September

Working safely during the coronavirus pandemic

Health, safety and wellbeing at work, guidance on wearing face coverings at work, working safely in a council facility, depot, school, nursery or at home.

The health and wellbeing of our staff is our number one priority and all decisions are based on the latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Scottish Government guidance and made in consultation with trade unions.

Guidelines for when you are making a home visit

Guidelines for what to do before, during and after you make a home visit, including healthcare and non-healthcare visits.

Non-healthcare home visits

Guidance for making non-healthcare home visits including child protection, community meals, community alarm response, emergency repairs and applies to any council employees, volunteers or contractors working on behalf of the council.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand care

Getting the right personal protective equipment (PPE), What PPE you need if you work in health and social care, hand care and PPE gloves.

Health, safety and wellbeing at work

Personal protective equipment (PPE), home visits, health care visits, non-healthcare visits, keeping fit and healthy, mental health and wellbeing, time for talking (employee counselling service), financial wellbeing and useful contacts.

Guidance on wearing face coverings at work

There are new rules about wearing face coverings at work, to help minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) and keep people safe.

Working safely at a facility or depot

Changes to the workplace, keeping you safe at work, if you start to feel unwell at work, travel to work, health and wellbeing, shielding, annual leave and special leave, FACTS.

Working safely at a school or nursery

Health and safety measures in schools and nurseries, what to do if you, a close contact or a pupil develops symptoms of COVID-19, travelling to work, looking after your health and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Working at home

Our commitment to our staff, protect yourself from coronavirus at home, set up your work environment at home, continue your learning and development at home, annual leave information, look after your health, safety and wellbeing.