Inchinnan location map

Inchinnan lies in the north east of Renfrewshire, on the southern bank of the River Clyde and close to the Black Cart River.
Inchinnan 1654
Inchinnan in 1654 (above) from map by Johan Blaeu

From early times travellers crossed the rivers Black Cart and White Cart to Inchinnan first by a ford and later by a ferry.
In 1759, a nine-arch bridge was built across the point where the two rivers joined. Since ships heading
up-river to Paisley could not sail under the bridge without lowering their masts, in 1786 a canal cut was dug to bypass it. A swing bridge was built over
the canal. The nine-arch bridge was destroyed by flood in 1809, and was replaced in 1812 by two bridges.

 The swing-bridge was replaced in 1923 with a Bascule bridge which is still in operation.

Bridge built in 1812

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William Beardmore and Company opened the Inchinnan Airship Construction Works in Inchinnan during the first world war. The company also built houses nearby to accommodate workers. The houses became known as "Beardmore Cottages" and are still popular homes today.

Beardmore Cottages
The Works produced a total of 4 airships. The model R34, pictured, was 720 feet (219 metres) long and was the first aircraft to make a return journey across the Atlantic and back.


Model R34 airship

The airship factory closed in 1922 and the site was taken over by the India Tyre Rubber Company which continued to operate until 1981.



India of Inchinnan In 1929 the tyre company built a magnificent art deco style office building which has been refurbished by Graham Technology, its current owners.


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