Recycling facilities in Johnstone

Johnstone's Miller Street household waste and recycling centre See it on a map

Miller Street household waste and recycling centre takes
glass paper and cardboard
cans fluorescent tubes
food and drink cartons electrical goods
green waste textiles and clothes
fridges scrap metal
rubble engine oil
household batteries car batteries
wood mixed plastics


  Opening hours
Summer : 1 March to 31 October



Monday to Thursday
8.30am - 8.15pm

9.30am - 7.15pm

Saturday and Sunday
9am - 4.45pm
Winter : 1 November to 28 or 29 February Monday to Sunday
8am - 4.45pm
This centre is closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day

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Mini recycling points like Houston Court provide large bins for combinations of glass, newspapers, cans, mixed plastics, and textiles.

Shopping centre car park, Houston Court, Johnstone  See it on a map

Other recycling points include our new range of bin units (or nodes). These facilities combine collection bins for various types of waste to meet local demand.


Thomas Shanks Park

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