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Renfrewshire Arts and Museums provides high-quality arts, museums and heritage services for residents and visitors. We organise an extensive theatre and exhibitions programme, manage local festivals and events, and run a busy education and arts outreach service

We manage several venues in Renfrewshire, including Paisley Town Hall, Paisley Arts Centre, Paisley Museum, Coats Observatory, Renfrew Town Hall , Johnstone Town Hall, Renfrew Museum and Tweedie Hall.

In this section, you can find out more about:

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Online Booking

If you would like to book tickets for performances, please access our online booking system or phone the box office on 0300 300 1210.

Check out our Spring 2015 guide with information on performances, exhibitions and events throughout our venues:

The Guide: Spring 2015 (pdf)

Warning! This document may take some time to download due to the large file size. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document.

Find Out What's On

If you'd like a weekly e-mail with regular updates on cultural activities in Renfrewshire, simply get in touch at or call 0300 300 1210.

For regular updates on news and events from Renfrewshire Arts and Museums like our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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General contacts

For ticket bookings and information for any of our venues please call 0300 300 1210
For general enquires please e-mail us.

Key staff contacts based at Paisley Town Hall

Section Name Job Title Telephone
Venue Hire Moira Orr Commercial Services Supervisor 0141 618 5115

Carolyn Thom/

Lorna Stark

Marketing Officers 0141 618 5109/ 0141 618 5108

Key staff contacts based at Paisley Arts Centre

Section Name Job Title Telephone
Performance Programming Christine Martin Performance Programmer 0141 618 5466
Retail Liz McNaughton Commercial Services Supervisor 0141 618 5126
Technical Information Paul Ancell Technical Officer 0141 618 5125

Key staff contacts based at Paisley Museum

Section Name Job Title Telephone
Museum opening hours, exhibitions and events Katie Sweeney Customer Services Supervisor 0141 618 5087
Education Catherine Harbon Cultural Coordinator 0141 618 5098
Art Collections Andrea Kusel Curator of Art 0141 618 5120
Science Collections and Observatory John Pressly Curator of Science 0141 618 5119
Natural History Collections Nicola MacIntyre Assistant Curator, Natural History 0141 618 5112
Weaving and Textiles Collections Dan Coughlan Curator of Textiles 0141 618 5085
Photographic and Social History Collections David Weir Heritage Development Officer 0141 889 2360

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