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Sending your child to school

We provide information for parents of children starting primary school, and for families moving in to the area, this information pack for parents and carers can be found in the related documents section.

Entry to primary schools in the Renfrewshire Council area occurs once a year, at the start of the new session in August. Only children whose fifth birthday falls between March 1 of that year and the last day of February of the following year will be automatically admitted to school.

Parents may make a request for early entry to school for a child whose fifth birthday falls after the appropriate latest date.

Parents may also make a placing request for their child to attend a primary school other than their catchment school and this information can be found in the "Sending your child to school" under related documents.

Starting a new school year or moving schools

This can be both an exciting and an anxious time for children. By knowing as much as you can about the school's arrangements, you can help your child to move on smoothly to the next stage in their education:

  • All schools have a handbook which is updated every year. It is a good source of information about the school and can be picked up from the school office.
  • Many of our schools have their own websites and you can find links to these in the primary and secondary school related articles.
  • You can find guidance about starting a new school year and other useful information on the parentzone Scotland website.
  • You can make a placing request for your child to attend a school other than their catchment school and information regarding this can be found in the "Sending your child to school - Information Pack" under related documents.
  • Due to the Scottish Government's decision to discontinue printing the 'Choosing a School' booklet in hard copy format you can now access this directly by visiting the Scottish Government website. The booklet will be reviewed annually by the Scottish Government.
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