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Schools and nurseries advice on Coronavirus

For the latest details of any changes to our schools and nurseries, please visit our 'Schools and Nurseries advice on Coronavirus' webpage.

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School meals

This section of the website has information about school meals. Use the links below to get information about school meals, primary school menus or secondary school menus.

At Renfrewshire Council, we recognise the importance of providing and promoting healthy lunches within our schools. Working together with local communities, we are committed to encouraging children and their parents/carers to opt for the healthier school meal.

The schools receiving our catering service* are provided with wholesome, nutritionally balanced meals and support children to eat more fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates as opposed to foods high in fat and sugar. Our lunch menus adhere to the Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007 and follow strict nutritional guidelines to ensure each meal has a good mix of protein, iron, fibre, vitamins and minerals to provide a healthy balance across all menu choices.

Use the links below to get more information about nurseryprimary and secondary school meals and menus.

* The school meal menu information provided in this section does not relate to the following schools where the meal service is provided by AMEY.

Primary schools:

  • Cochrane Castle
  • Fordbank
  • Glencoats
  • St David's
  • Todholm
  • Woodlands

Secondary schools:

  • Gleniffer
  • Linwood
  • ┬ĚSt Andrew's