Renfrewshire Council

Grit bins

Information about grit bins in Renfrewshire.

540 grit bins are provided at locations such as steep gradients, bends and steps.

Everyone can do their bit to help, particularly in conditions of heavy snow.

To find your nearest grit bin, take a look at the map attached to this page.

Clearing footways around your own home and helping elderly or infirm neighbours will ensure that many footways will be safer and easier to use. Where resources allow, the bins will be replenished with a grit/salt combination during the winter for use by the public on a self help basis but the grit/salt mix should not be used for treating private property.

There is no law preventing you from clearing snow and ice on the pavement outside or on paths to your house (or any other building you're responsible for).

Provided you are careful, use common sense and don't do anything likely to cause harm or distress to others, it's highly unlikely you'll be found responsible for any accidents. In fact, it's people using areas affected by snow and ice who have a responsibility to be careful themselves.

Any restocking requests should be made to the council's Customer Contact Centre