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your grey bin

Your grey bin

Here's an indicative list of what can and cannot go in your grey bin.

✔ Non-recyclable waste
✔ Plastic bags and polythene
✔ Polystyrene
✔ Crisp and sweet wrappers
✔ Used tissues and paper towels
✔ Cling film
✔ Tinfoil
✔ Lightbulbs
✔ Pet litter
✔ Nappies
✔ Personal hygiene products
✔ Food and drinks pouches
✔ Hard plastics (toys, coat hangers, CD cases etc.)
✔ Padded envelopes

✘ Plastics, cans and glass
✘ Paper, card and cardboard
✘ Food waste
✘ Garden waste
✘ Electrical items
✘ Textiles and shoes

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