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Mum Karen with Oliver

MEDIA RELEASE: Mum says longer nursery days has boosted her son's friendships with his peers

Parents are urged to apply now for a nursery placement with 1140 hours of fully-funded early learning and childcare (ELC).

Johnstone mum, Karen Lafferty, says that longer days at nursery has helped her son, Oliver, 4, develop close friendships after receiving 1140 hours at Spateston Early Learning and Childcare Centre (ELCC).

She said: "Oliver going to nursery has changed everything for me. When I saw what Oliver got out of going to nursery and what the staff could do for him, it made me quit my job and retrain as a nursery support worker.

"Changing careers was a massive step for me. I used to work in a high-pressured job as a manger for a fast food franchise. It involved long hours and I was often stressed. Since changing careers just a few short months ago, I've felt much happier at work and at home.

"It's a rewarding career and I'm already reaping the benefits, but it has also been amazing for Oliver. Since getting 1140 hours of early learning and childcare (ELC) in September 2019, he has gone from morning-only sessions to full-day sessions. It's meant Oliver has been able to develop friendships much more quickly and he comes home talking about what his friends at nursery did and said that day.

"It's also given Oliver a taste of eating together with other kids at lunchtime and I'm glad he got to have that experience at nursery as it will prepare him for going to school.

"There are also many more activities that Oliver can take part in as he can pop over to another corner of the nursery and try something else. I think having more time to develop his self-confidence is helping Oliver to explore more within the centre.

"Spateston Early Learning and Childcare Centre (ELCC) is a lovely nursery and I would love to work there once Oliver has moved onto primary. The staff are really caring and very supportive of the parents as well.

"It's a fantastic nursery and I recommend going to your local nursery, meeting the staff and seeing the environment for yourself."

Parents of children due to attend nursery from August 2020 are urged to complete an application form and return it to their local nursery as soon as possible.

Parents who have children that will return to nursery after August 2020 will be contacted by their nursery to discuss their options for 1140 hours of ELC.

To apply for a nursery place, visit


Further information

Nursery placement options

In nurseries operated by Renfrewshire Council, parents are able to choose from the following early learning and childcare options:

-Term time placement

For example, 5 sessions of 6 hours per day over 38 weeks

-Year-round placement

For example, a morning (8am - 1pm) or afternoon (1pm - 6pm) session for 48 weeks
2.5 days per week for 48 weeks; extended day for up to 10 hours

It will also be possible to create a blended childcare arrangement, whereby children can go to more than one early learning and childcare setting, including childminders, across a week.

The options for early learning and childcare hours provided by private and voluntary nurseries and childminders may differ slightly from those provided by the council. Parents will be advised of the childcare options available to them when they apply for an early learning and childcare place with an approved funded providers.

For a full list of approved funded providers, visit

Published on Thursday 30 January 2020.

Pictured: Mum Karen with Oliver, aged 4