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Right for Renfrewshire Q&A

What's happening?

We are beginning the next phase of our ongoing change programme and this is called Right for Renfrewshire. Elected members today (18 Sept 2019) approved our new programme and the 6 service designs that will be part of the year 1 programme.  Every member of council staff should by now have received a letter setting out the background to the Programme.

The programme is different from what we have done previously because individual services will not be reviewed in isolation. Groups of services that share similar processes and systems and contribute to shared outcomes will be reviewed together. Service designs in Year 2 and Year 3 will be confirmed at a later date.

What will Right for Renfrewshire deliver?

Right for Renfrewshire will deliver:

  • A leaner and more efficient organisation where resource is focused on where it can make the biggest impact
  • A clear purpose and understanding about what the council is best placed to deliver
  • A structured approach to designing services around people and local need
  • More adaptable structures with greater staff empowerment, integrated teams and mobile working
  • Communities able to do more for themselves
  • Greater collaboration with partners
  • The right culture that will unlock the skills and potential of our workforce

Why do we need to change?

To make sure we are fit for the future and can respond to a changing environment and demand for services. The basis of Right for Renfrewshire is the design of services around local people and their needs, and the development of a culture that supports and empowers staff and new ways of working. This is our main priority.  The Programme will help us to focus our resources where we can make most impact; getting the best out of our assets, working much more collaboratively across services, providing staff with the right tools and technology to do their jobs, rethinking out of date systems and processes that slow us down, working differently with communities and partners in future. Every service in the council will be included.  Earlier this year we asked more than 4,000 staff and local people to tell us about their experience of the council through the Our Values and Our Renfrewshire engagement. The insights gathered have revealed several improvements that the organisation can make and will inform the work of the Right for Renfrewshire programme.

How long is it going to take?

The programme is planned for three years with several service designs taken forward each financial year. All services will be reviewed over the next three years. Six service designs will take place this year (2019-20).  We have already begun work to identify our technology requirements, how best to share and access information, and the processes and systems that need to be updated to help us make changes quickly.

What are the service designs for 2019-20 and who's leading them?

There are 6 service designs planned for this year.

Year 1 projects (2019-20)



All services that contribute to placeshaping including economic development and regeneration, events and tourism, and parts of housing, planning and environment and infrastructure.

Community Protection

Includes regulatory services that contribute to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of local people, such as environmental health, building standards, community safety and licensing.

Facilities Management

Includes both soft and hard FM services and will take a broad look across the wider council estate, linking to asset management.

Customer Transactions

Includes customer and business services, and parts of finance and resources and housing and education administration where there is a transactional element to the service.

Developing Communities

Includes all services which cover neighbourhood-based services contributing to a shared local outcome and supporting people in their local neighbourhoods.

Prevention and Early Intervention

Includes services and activities within Children's Services such as social work, fostering and adoptions, criminal justice and services that support people in crisis, such as homelessness.


When will I know what the proposed changes are and how it affects me?

We will keep you updated on the programme through Managers and through our internal communications channels as well as our public website. Everyone whose post is part of a service design in the coming year (2019-20) will be briefed directly by their managers and this should take place in September.  Service designs in Year 2 and Year 3 will be confirmed at a later date.

Where can I get more info? How will staff be kept updated?

We will use a range of channels to do this throughout the programme. For staff whose posts are part of Year 1 service designs, much of this

will be through direct communication with managers on a regular basis. We have created a dedicated section on the intranet as well as our public website and will ensure you are kept up to date with information as it becomes available. We are also publishing a staff guide to the programme which will be sent to all staff in October. We are also working on developing channels in each service area that work for all staff groups to ensure everyone can receive information quickly and easily as the programme rolls out.

Are staff going to be consulted on the changes? How are we going to be involved?

Absolutely. Right for Renfrewshire is based on working with staff to design the best possible model for future service delivery. Staff are being briefed on the programme and you will be encouraged to share your ideas, feedback and suggestions.

When will I know if there's a change to my job?

If your post is due to be included in the year 1 programme you will be fully briefed in September. We expect to know about changes to job roles at the end of the year and your management team will keep you updated on this every step of the way. The timing of this may differ between service designs. Changes to how we deliver our services will be subject to consultation with staff and trades unions.

Who will be offered VR/VER and how will it be decided?

Staff whose posts are included in the Year 1 service designs, will have the opportunity to express an interest in voluntary redundancy/voluntary early retirement this year. This will be repeated for staff in Year 2 and Year 3 service designs at a later date.  It is important to note however, that there are no guarantees that an application for VR or VER will be approved - decisions will be based on the requirements of the new service design and the skills and job roles that the council needs to retain. For service designs this year, this is likely to be known towards the end of this year.

Will I be able to see the new service design/structure before I decide on whether VR/VER is right for me?

Yes, staff included in this year's service designs (2019-20) will sent a letter offering the opportunity to express an interest in VR/VER and should respond by the deadline set out in their letter however, there will be a further opportunity to decide whether you wish to continue to express an interest once staff are aware of the new structures later this year.

If my application for VR/VER is approved, when will I leave the council?

This will depend on the timeline for implementing each service design. You will be kept up-to-date on progress every step of the way by your manager.

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