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The pallet garden created by Bishopton PS pupils

Green-thumbed pupils get creative with their own sustainable garden

Four pupils from Bishopton Primary School headed to the annual Gardening Scotland exhibition to showcase their pocket garden.

Created from scratch by pupils in one of the P3 classes, their entry was one of 24 in Scotland chosen by the Keep Scotland beautiful competition to be created and displayed. 

Recycled materials, such as milk cartons, plastic bottles, juice caps and wooden blocks, were used to make the allotment. Pupils also painted the garden in a variety of bee-friendly colours and included a bug motel to help attract wildlife to their wetland space.

Bishopton PS pupils with their pallet garden at the Gardening Scotland exhibition 2019.

Pupils were inspired to take part in the competition after their lessons on the Global Goals and wanted to design a garden that focused on environmentally-friendly ways of protecting and nourishing Scotland's vast landscapes.

The imaginative design and colour touches of the pupils' work was praised by the judging panel. The use of plants that could be grown and harvested quickly and easily were also high-rated.

Headteacher Wendy McNaught said: "Seeing such creativity and inspiring work from our pupils is great. To be chosen to represent not only the school, but themselves, is a remarkable achievement.

"Thinking environmentally consciously is something our pupils have become passionate about, so to see their enthusiasm culminate in the creation of this winning design is fantastic.

"I'd also like to thank all of the teachers and family members who helped, especially John Scott, who shared his knowledge from his own allotments in Erskine with the class by hosting a planting workshop for them."