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St Fergus Primary pupils with their engineering certificates

St Fergus Primary pupils driving force behind STEM success

Primary two pupils were proud as punch to win the overall Apprentice Level prize in the Primary Engineer programmes recently.

The St Fergus pupils produced a vehicle that went above and beyond the criteria set for them and that promoted Dr Susan Scurlock M.B.E, the founder and CEO of the programme, to visit the school.

Primary seven pupils also took part in the celebration event that encourages children to demonstrate their engineering and problem-solving skills by building a shoebox vehicle and motorised car that could make direction and ramp challenges.

Primary Engineers programmes seek to link engineers with engineering projects in schools and encourage more children to want to get into a career in engineering.

All pupils are rewarded with a certificate for their hard work, but only the primary two pupils won a special award.

Dr Scurlock, accompanied by Fraser from Primary Engineers and Derek McGlynn from Rolls-Royce, congratulated the pupils and asked them about the skills they had used and how they had used their problem-solving skills.

St Fergus Primary School Head Boy and Head Girl, Parker and Neve, with Dr Susan Scurlock M.B.E, founder and CEO of Primary Engineers

Head Boy, Parker McLeay, and Depute Head Girl, Neve Rogers, took the opportunity to interview Dr Scurlock on her background and what had inspired her to set up the programmes. Both were delighted when she gave them a box of materials to continue working on engineering challenges with other pupils in the school.

Long may the engineering bug stay with these amazing pupils.

Published Thursday 16 May 2019.

Pictured: Pupils from St Fergus Primary with their certificates.

Head Boy and Head Girl, Parker and Neve, with Dr Scurlock of Primary Engineers.