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Five things you need to know about our new Common Housing Allocation Policy

The Council's Housing Allocation Policy is changing.

Common Housing Allocation Policy

We have been working with Bridgewater, Paisley, Linstone and Williamsburgh Housing Associations to create a common policy which will make applying for housing easier.

Here are five things you need to know about the new policy.

1. It will make applying for housing easier by introducing a common policy which will be used by the Council and four Housing Associations in Renfrewshire

The Council and Bridgewater, Paisley, Linstone and Williamsburgh Housing Associations will all adopt the same policy. This means we will use the same approach when assessing applications and letting houses.

2. Anyone who applies to the Council for a house will be placed into one of our five new groups:

The new policy puts people who apply to the Council for a house into five groups:

·         Statutory homeless

·         Mobility

·         General Applicants - not landlord's own tenant

·         Transfer Applicants - with housing need

·         Transfer Applicants - no housing need

These new categories will help us maximise our housing options, ensuring we make the best use of the properties we have available to let.

3. We will now consider an applicant's multiple needs when assessing their application

The Council's current policy assesses priority based on an applicant's most pressing need.  However, the new common policy enables us to take multiple needs into consideration when assessing an application.

4. Our new policy reflects changes in national legislation

The Scottish Government has made legislative changes through the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014. Our new policy reflects those changes, bringing it up-to-date.

5. Our new policy will modernise our approach to allocating housing

The Council's new policy is easy to understand and introduces a common approach which will change the way we let houses in Renfrewshire.  It will allow us to work with our partners to provide housing applicants with the best service possible.

The Council is committed to providing high quality, affordable housing which meets Renfrewshire's current and future housing. We also want to build sustainable communities by creating successful and sustainable tenancies. Our new policy, which launches in May, will help us do this.

If you are on the Council's housing list, are your details up-to-date? If not, let us know by calling out Housing Services team on 0300 300 0222.

For more information on Renfrewshire's new Common Housing Allocation Policy, visit