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Looking for a job in Early Learning and Childcare? We're recruiting

If your dream job is working in Early Learning and Childcare, we may be able to help.

1140 recruitment drive

We're looking for 50 Early Learning and Childcare Officers and 40 Early Learning Support Workers to join our team this Spring, with the new starts taking up their positions in time for the new term in August.

Applications for the vacancies are open, with interviews taking place at a recruitment event in Johnstone Town Hall on Wednesday 17 April 2019. Some of the Council's funded providers will also be attending the event.

The Early Learning and Childcare Officer vacancies are open to anyone with a practitioner qualification recognised by SSSC at SCQF7. People looking to get back to work, change jobs or start a career in childcare can apply for the Support Worker role, which includes on the job training for an accredited early learning and childcare qualification.

The recruitment drive supports the expansion of our Early Learning and Childcare provision and will help us meet the Scottish Government's target of 1140 free hours of early learning and childcare by August 2020.

We're currently carrying out a £14million extension and refurbishment programme to ensure our Early Learning and Childcare Centres will be ready to accommodate the new hours. New centres will also be built in Hawkhead, Dargavel, Houston and Kirklandneuk, with work scheduled for completion in August 2020.

Parents of three-year-olds, four-year-olds and some eligible two-year-olds will receive 1140 fully funded hours of Early Learning and Childcare from August 2020.

The expansion will give parents more flexibility in their choice of nursery and childcare services, meaning they can choose from council, private and volunteer-run nursery classes, centres and childminding. They will also be able to choose their preferred option of nursery or childminding session.

There will also be an increase in the number of places commissioned from independent and private nurseries.

Parents and carers should continue to apply to their local nursery for a place for their child and when capacity to accommodate 1140 hours becomes available in their class or centre, they will be contact directly and asked to select their preferred option.

To apply for the Early Learning and Childcare Officer or Early Learning Support Worker vacancies, visit

The deadline for applications is Sunday 14 April 2019

For more information on 1140 Early Learning and Childcare, come along to our recruitment event at Johnstone Town Hall or visit

Published: 18 March 2019