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Brexit preparations continue in Renfrewshire

Plans to prepare Renfrewshire for the outcome of Brexit negotiations continue to be advanced as the planned withdrawal date approaches.

Brexit signpost All risks are being examined and actions prepared to ensure Renfrewshire is prepared for any potential outcome, including the possibility of a no deal Brexit..

What are the key risks for Renfrewshire?

Council officers have identified the key areas of risk for Renfrewshire in the event of a no deal Brexit as:

  • contracts for the supply of goods and services,
  • the impact on regulatory services through increased demand,
  • implications for employees and services with regards to residency and immigration and;
  • the financial implications for the council also being kept under review.

How are we preparing?

Preparations to mitigate these risks include a weekly meeting, chaired by the Chief Executive, of senior officers from the Council, the Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership and Renfrewshire Leisure, which identifies the national and local issues in relation to Brexit and creates an action plan for each potential outcome to guide Renfrewshire's response.

Officers have also been in regular dialogue with elected members to provide updates on arising issues such as EU funding or potential effects on the economy, with the focus now on the possibility of a no deal.

The council is also utilising strong relationships with key partners to plan for all possible outcomes of the negotiations and ensure Renfrewshire is prepared to implement the necessary actions immediately, as required.

So what's next?

Officers will continue to meet regularly to ensure that any developing issues or decisions are addressed, and a further report will be brought to the next meeting of the Leadership Board.

How could it affect me, my family or my business?

Visit our Brexit Information pages for advice and guidance on what Brexit may mean for you.

Published 25 February 2019.

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