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Community projects empowered by £33,000 investment

"It's shame that's not used anymore. It's would be perfect for a...."

If you can finish that sentence for a building or piece of land in your area, then we can help you make it more than just a vision.

We've committed £1.5 million to establish a Community Empowerment Fund which supports community groups looking to develop their ideas for asset transfer.

Harnessing the ideas of proactive, passionate local people can bring buildings back into community life and start a new set of memories.

Here's a look at the latest two projects which have been awarded £25,000 and £8000 respectively to further progress their ideas towards reality.

Kustom Kruizers

This small group of volunteers have big ideas for their project which aims to remove the barriers to cycling by providing low-cost, fully-serviced bikes.

The group have been awarded £25,000 to transform a disused building in Robertson Park in Renfrew, into a thriving base for the community bike building project.

The renovated building would help store donated bikes and give the group a workshop space to repair and refresh the bikes to be sold on at a low price.

Workshops for schoolkids and young people would be created, as well as 'Fix Your Own Bike' sessions which would give advice and support on how to maintain your bike.

The award is subject to the successful completion of the Community Asset Transfer.

Struthers Water Action Group (SWAG)

This project has designs to transform a disused water source into a community-owned business for the benefit of the Lochwinnoch village community.

Saving the underground water source from the site of the former Struthers Lemonade factory, would allow a community business to be created by selling the water on.

All the money gained from this would be reinvested into the community to upgrade facilities, put on activities and support organisations and services within Lochwinnoch.

They have been awarded £8000 to undertake a feasibility study and investigate the appropriate land acquisition, planning and consents, the quality of the water source and the sources of finance needed for the next phase

Inspired? Here's how to get involved

We have a dedicated section on our website which contains all you need to know about the fund, what is required for a successful application and how to submit an application.

Find our more: Community Empowerment Fund.

Published 21 January 2019.