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Big Teddy helps out behind the scenes at RAMH Re-use Superstore in Johnstone.

Council staff on charity drive to boost Re-use Superstore shelves

Council employees teamed up with local charity RAMH to collect as much household goods as possible during Challenge Poverty Week.

Staff donated hoovers, toasters, kettles, cushions, bedding, lamps and cutlery - all the essentials folk need for their home.

What are the most sought-after items? Hoovers and white goods, they fly out the door as soon as they arrive. 

So, if you have anything lying around, you can help someone looking for low-cost, working household goods. 

Who knows, your Big Teddy may even end up working behind the scenes to keep the shelves stocked!

Kathleen Gallagher, Carolann McGarrity, Provost Lorraine Cameron and Jonathan Kelly at RAMH Re-use Superstore in Johnstone.


The store isn't just a second-hand shop. It also gives people lifeskills that help them find jobs they want to just improve their confidence. 

Stephen McLellan, RAMH Chief Executive, said: "We believe firmly in supporting people recovering from mental ill health. That's why we started the Re-use Superstore to give people the practical things they need at a low cost.

"Having the store as a place people can gain confidence as well as skills and experience to support them recover and help them to feel capable of finding suitable employment is also a big part of what we do each day.

"The collection received from Council staff will help use stock up our store ahead of the winter season."

The collection was held during Challenge Poverty Week, which aims to highlight the reality of poverty and demonstrate what needs to be done across Scotland to address poverty.


You can also help by bringing in working, clean and complete household items to RAMH Re-use Superstore at Houstoun Court Shopping Arcade (across from the town hall) Church Street, Johnstone, PA5 8DT.

Published: Friday 11 October 2018.

Pictured: Big Teddy working behind the scenes at the RAMH Re-Use Superstore in Johnstone.

Kathleen Gallagher, Carolann McGarrity, Provost Lorraine Cameron and Jonathan Kelly.