Renfrewshire Council

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Take control of your community assets

Our new £1.5million fund will allow communities to take ownership of local buildings or land and use them to make a positive difference to their area

Have you got ideas for the way local buildings or land could be better utilised?

We have launched a £1.5million Community Empowerment Fund which will help local communities take ownership of buildings or land in their area which they feel could have a better use.

The fund will support groups through the Community Asset Transfer process in three ways - by supporting them to develop business plans, to develop their capacity as an organisation, and to invest in assets before or after transfer.

The one-off investment was made in this year's budget and members of the Leadership Board have approved the guidelines governing how the fund will operate.

Council officers will work with groups to develop their projects and guide them through the application process.

Applications are expected to show a positive impact on their areas, fit the strategic aims for Renfrewshire, have community involvement in the project, will have good working relationships and partnerships, value for money and that they are financially sustainable.

£500,000 of the fund will support groups to develop their organisation or project, with applications of up to £10,000 being accepted. £1m will be to support with direct property costs, with applications of up to £50,000 accepted.

The Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board will approve all grant awards; however, it should be noted a successful application for a grant to support a project idea doesn't guarantee the outcome of a subsequent asset transfer request, which will be considered on its own merits.

Published: 6 August 2018