Renfrewshire Council

Outcome 5: Working together to improve outcomes

The Council has a strong track record of managing its resources effectively, as recognised recently by Audit Scotland. The financial challenges facing the Council are unprecedented. It's estimated that the Council may have to save up to £40m over the first two years of this Council plan alone.

At the same time, the organisation needs to keep up with both the pace of change and the needs of local people. We have been working to change the way in which customers can engage with the Council through services such as My Account and investing in the back office systems that we use, but we recognise the need to do more.

Meaningful consultation and engagement with local people, businesses and communities will also need to be a priority as we move forward with transformation plans.

To support our staff to deliver this chance, we will continue to develop a culture of innovation and of staff recognition within the organisation. We will invest in learning and development opportunities for staff to ensure that the organisation is flexible and ready to face future challenges.

What are our priorities?

  • Ensuring the Council remains financially sustainable and continues to provide good quality and efficient services.
  • Continuing to invest, develop and engage with staff, ensuring that the organisation can address challenges and maximise opportunities.
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and improvement and using greater business intelligence to ensure that services are designed and delivered to meet future needs.
  • Strengthening local and national partnership working, maximising the opportunities arising from policy and structural change.

What we will do:

  • Continue to manage the Council's resources, ensuring financial sustainability of the organisation.
  • Take forward opportunities for transformation, innovation and efficiency through our Better Council Change Programme.
  • Review existing strategic partnership agreements and work with community planning partners to identify opportunities to share and connect resources.
  • Develop our data and analytics function, working with partners to build a better picture of how to improve outcomes for local people, businesses and communities using an early intervention approach.
  • Continue to modernise our services, taking advantage of new technologies to deliver better, more accessible and more efficient services that meet customer needs - such as My Account.
  • Engage with proposed changes to education governance and local democracy, maximising opportunities for the organisation and communities.
  • Implement an action plan for the organisation, addressing any recommendations from the recent Best Value Audit.
  • Roll-out the Performance Development and Review programme across the Council
  • Implement new leadership and management development programmes.
  • Fully embed our staff "intrapreneurship" programme and recognising staff for success.
  • Implement our workforce plan for Renfrewshire Council.