Renfrewshire Council

Outcome 4: Creating a sustainable Renfrewshire for all to enjoy

Renfrewshire has a rich and varied natural environment. We have wildlife and nature conservation sites of national and international importance, protected woodlands, parks and green spaces.

The Council has a lead role and a duty to protect the environment and the health of local people living in our communities. Working with partners, we have made great progress: - introducing energy efficient street lighting, increasing our use of alternative fuel, making Council buildings more energy efficient and actively working to increase recycling and reduce waste sent to landfill.

Climate change is critical to us all and we will continue to work to drive energy efficiency, monitor and improve air quality and to put into place appropriate flood management plans. Going forward an emerging area will be our focus on sustainable food. Food is an important but often overlooked part of daily life, from how it is grown to how it is transported and consumed. We want to celebrate food locally and plan to work with partners to achieve Sustainable Food Cities Status and promote the whole system of food. There are clear links to our work in relation to food poverty and healthy lifestyles.

We also want to do more to encourage people to enjoy our green spaces, get more active, try woodland walks, enjoy physical activity in our parks and gardens, and be supported to use allotments and get growing themselves.

What are our priorities?

  • Working with local communities to make Renfrewshire a cleaner place in which to live, visit or do business in.
  • Promoting sustainable approaches to everyday life, minimising waste, increasing recycling levels and energy efficiency.
  • Developing a new approach to the local food system - from the food that we grow and eat, to promoting the area as place to visit for good food.
  • Developing our outdoor places and spaces and encouraging communities to use and enjoy them.
  • Leading the way in terms of sustainability, ensuring council assets are energy efficient, and increasing use of alternative energy sources.

What we will do:

  • Work to meet the challenging targets set in our carbon management plan - through our council fleet, street lighting, public realm and floodlight strategy for example.
  • Ensure a residual waste treatment and disposal facility is fully operational by 2019 as part of the Clyde Valley Waste Management Solution to ensure that all waste collected by authorities is diverted from landfill.
  • Deliver the requirements of the Scottish Household recycling charter and related service charges.
  • Finalise the delivery of the project to replace all street lighting in Renfrewshire with LEDs.
  • Deliver a refreshed Air Quality Action Plan to improve air quality for Renfrewshire.
  • Review and update Renfrewshire's Sustainable Food Strategy and achieve Sustainable Food City Status.
  • Deliver the Team Up, Clean Up campaign throughout Renfrewshire, involving local communities.
  • Ensure that the Council's integrated enforcement policy is adhered to, ensuring businesses and communities are treated fairly and consistently.