Renfrewshire Council

Stirling McGee

Name: Stirling McGee Stirling McGee
MSYP for:Renfrewshire South

Why did you put yourself forward as a candidate?
I felt that this was a great opportunity to work together with the young people in Renfrewshire South, and I felt the position hadn't been used to its full potential or perhaps been as accessible as it could have been over previous years.

What excites you about the Scottish Youth Parliament?
The ability to come together with like-minded young people to work toward a common goal. 

What are your main aims for your two-year term?
Making the position more accessible to everyone, and campaigning for the minimum wage to be equal across all age groups.

What are your plans for the future?
I think politics is very important and I hope to stay involved in shaping my community for as long as I can.