Renfrewshire Council

Ross Boyd

Name: Ross Boyd Ross Boyd
Age: 15
MSYP for: Paisley

Why did you put yourself forward as a candidate?
Initially my Modern Studies teacher Mrs Kerr suggested that I run as a candidate for the Scottish Youth Parliament which sparked an instant interest in relation to the youth parliament itself. I grasped this opportunity and I had one clear goal in my mind. I was adamant that change is possible. You just need the right person to represent you to ensure everyone's voices are heard. It was the belief of myself and those who voted for me that I am the person who will strive to achieve a better tomorrow for the youth of today.

What excites you about the Scottish Youth Parliament?
I look forward to representing the youth of Paisley in anyway shape or form that I can to make sure that the promises I have made are kept. I am also excited to use my position in my community by taking part in a variety of initiatives that will in turn help my constituents. It is also refreshing to be able to influence changes that will make improvements and have an impact on my generation.

What are your main aims for your two year term?
My key aims for my two year term would be to look into and seek a solution to the unjust lack of places in Scottish universities for Scottish students. I will also look into the impact of increasing the percentage of Scottish students on our economy and our country. In addition to my key aims I feel it is imperative to hear the views and opinions of the masses regardless of social background or age and this will form the basis of my agenda.

What are your plans for the future?
At this moment in time I would not discard a career in politics purely down to my immense interest in politics itself and all that it entails. However I plan to go to university to study law which would still give me a background of knowledge useful in such a position.