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Equality Impact Assessment

The Equality Act 2010 introduced a duty on public bodies such as Planning Authorities to ensure that they consider the needs of all individuals.

The Equality Act is central to plan, policy and strategy preparation providing an opportunity to promote equality and human rights and to ensure that plans and strategies do not result in discrimination.

When a plan, policy or strategy is being prepared, planning authorities should consider the potential consequences on particular groups. The Act covers nine protected characteristics and the protected characteristic groups, they are as follows:

  • Age (Younger and Older people)
  • Disability (Disability, physical or mental impairment)
  • Gender (Men or Women)
  • Gender reassignment (Proposed, started or completed sex change)
  • Race (Black, Ethnic Minority, Gypsy/Travellers)
  • Religion and belief (Religious or Political)
  • Pregnancy and Maternity (Pregnant or expecting a baby)
  • Marriage and civil partnership (Married or in a civil partnership)
  • Sexual orientation (Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual)

Equality Impact Assessment

To assess the potential impact of plans, policies and/or strategies, an Equality Impact Assessment requires to be undertaken.

The Equality Impact Assessment is a two part process which involves initial screening of the strategy or policy framework and then if required a full Equality Impact Assessment will be undertaken. A full assessment is required if the initial screening identifies that any of the equality groups would be negatively affected by the plan/policy/ strategy.

Considering the potential impacts in the early stages of plan or strategy preparation helps ensure that people's needs are met in different ways and opportunities to promote equality and human rights are maximised.

A number of Equality Impact Assessment Screenings have been prepared including.

  • Adopted Local Development Plan 2014;
  • Renfrewshire Local Development Plan Main Issues Report 2017;
  • Renfrewshire's Centre Strategies;
  • Renfrewshire's Places - Residential Design Guide;
  • Housing Land Supply Supplementary Guidance.

The Equality Impact Assessments can be viewed under related content.