Renfrewshire Council

Register of Senior Officers' Interests

Renfrewshire Council is the first local authority in Scotland to publish information from the officers' register of interests on its website.

The Council has maintained a register of interests of senior officers for a number of years. The chief executive, all directors and Heads of Service together with a limited number of key senior officers, complete a register of interests which is updated regularly and at least every year.

The purpose of the register of senior officers' interests is to help identify potential conflicts of interest when officers are making decisions.

This register has been available for inspection by auditors and senior managers since it was created. However, following a recommendation from Audit Scotland the Council has agreed to make some of the information in the register available to the public.

The information being made available is in the following categories:

  • Name
  • Position held in the Council
  • Particulars of any other paid employment held outwith the Council
  • Name and address of any business and the nature of the interest therein
  • Details of any directorship, consultancy or financial interest not listed elsewhere in the register
  • Details of any non-financial interest in any organisation such as a professional body, trade association, club etc in which the officer is a member or an office holder
  • Details of any shareholding or other financial interest in any company where the total nominal value of any securities exceeds £25,000 or 1% of the total nominal value of the issued share capital, whichever is less
  • Description and location of any property owned, leased or mortgaged within Renfrewshire (home addresses not disclosed)

You can download the register for each of the council's senior officers from the Related Documents section. 

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