Renfrewshire Council

Walks around Renfrewshire

We have a number of free booklets and leaflets available for the public, packed full of walking routes and information.

These are available to download from the Related Documents section.

The walks are varied in length and degree of difficulty. Some walks are completely flat, whilst others may include a moderate slope. All the walks are on surfaced paths although those starting near Ross House may be slightly muddy in wet weather.

On each leaflet you will find

  • the grade of the walk
  • the distance (in km)
  • a map of the route (front of the leaflet) and directions(back of leaflet). Open out the leaflet to use the map and directions
  • an approximate time to complete the walk. Do not worry if it takes you longer to complete the walk, as you walk more often you will be able to get a little faster.
  • a little local knowledge - a section on history or natural history in each leaflet which you can read before or after the walk to give you more of a flavour of the local area.

Wear shoes that you find comfortable for walking on pavements (flat shoes or trainers are ideal).

You should aim to walk at a brisk pace. You should feel warmer and be breathing a little harder than normal. You should still be comfortable and able to hold a conversation. If you are breathless, then you are overdoing it. 

Most of the walks are around the busy Paisley streets and some use quieter paths. Take sensible precautions - if you are worried about walking on your own, why not get a friend to join you?

Use the routes during the day so that you can take advantage of the local knowledge section inside each leaflet.