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Music lessons

Instrumental music lessons are provided in all primary and secondary schools as well as in our Saturday morning music centre. 

There is a range of musical instruments that pupils can learn to play including brass, strings, percussion and woodwind instruments. The choice of instruments will vary from school to school.

Music instructors visit each school to deliver music tuition within the school day although some specialised tuition is delivered in the Saturday morning music centre in Paisley Grammar School.

Getting started with lessons

Recruitment stage varies across instruments but will typically take place in Primary 6. All pupils will be given an opportunity of being considered for instrumental lessons. 

As there is a limited number of places available in each school, interested pupils are asked to take part in a short listening and practical test prior to selection.

Cost of lessons

The annual fee for music tuition is currently £150 per year.

The charge is for one set of lessons for one instrument. Further lessons for a second instrument will result in an additional charge. 

The music service aims to provide a minimum of 30 lessons per academic year for school based tuition and 22 lessons for music centre pupils. If this target is not met, we would offer families a pro rata refund on paid fees.

Charges will apply for all music tuition, including additional children where there is more than one family member receiving music tuition, those who are entitled to free school meals and extra tuition for those who take music as a Standard Grade, Higher or Advanced Higher subject.

All tuition which is part of the Youth Music Initiative (YMI) Programme will be delivered free of charge to participants. Pupils who are recruited to the music service in primary school and S1 will receive free tuition for the remainder of the current academic year as part of our YMI funding.  We are very grateful to Creative Scotland for supporting this free tuition.

The table below shows the charging structure:

 Annual charge
Standard charge for music tuition150
Charge for those who are siblings of other children who receive music tuition at the standard charge50
Charge for those who are entitled to free school meals and/or clothing grants0
Charge for pupils who take music as an SQA subject (S4-S6)0

Other costs

An instrument is provided free of charge for the first two terms of tuition. 

Parents/carers are asked to purchase their own instrument after this period if the pupil wishes to continue with lessons.

Speak to the instrumental teacher at the school for advice on this.

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