Renfrewshire Council

Kilbarchan Conservation Area

Kilbarchan is an ancient settlement which grew from about 1740 into an important hand loom weaving centre, extending in long informal terraces along four main streets.

At its heart is Steeple Street, linking the Cross with the National Trust for Scotland's Weavers' Cottage. The Steeple building in Steeple Square is a notable piece of provincial classical urban design. 

Designated as a conservation area in 1970, it boasts 61 listed buildings.

The following properties lie within the conservation area boundary:

  • Barn Green (all properties)
  • Church Street (nos 1-37 only)
  • Churchill Place (no 1 only)
  • Craigends Drive (nos 1-17 & telephone exchange only)
  • Ewing Street (all properties)
  • Gateside Place (all properties)
  • High Barholm (all properties)
  • Kilbarchan Road (Wellscraig and nos 1-20 Park View only)
  • Loom Walk (all properties)
  • Low Barholm (all properties)
  • McCrorie Place (all properties)
  • Meadside Road (all properties)
  • Merchants Close (all properties)
  • New Street (all properties)
  • Park View, Kilbarchan Road (nos 1-20 only)
  • Shuttle Street (nos 1-23 & 2-8 only)
  • Steeple Square (all properties)
  • Steeple Street (all properties)
  • Yardshead (all properties)
  • Weavers Court (all properties)
  • Well Road (all properties)
  • Old School Square

The boundary of the Kilbarchan Conservation Area can be viewed on the interactive map under the related links section on this page.