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Business rates relief

You can reduce your business rates bill if you qualify for various forms of rates relief.

Since the introduction of uniform Business Rate, the levying of the unoccupied rate (also referred to as empty rate) has become mandatory on all properties.

The main categories of rates relief are:

Empty Property   From 1 April 2016, if your property (standard commercial) is empty you will have to pay 50% business rates for the first three months. After these three months you will be entitled to 10% relief. For industrial properties you will not have to pay business rates for the first six months. After these six months you will be entitled to 10% relief. For listed buildings, properties in the hands of certain trustees, or properties with an RV of less than 1,700 you will get 100% relief and will not have to pay business rates.

Fresh Start Scheme  Under the Fresh Start scheme, if a shop, office, hotel, pub or restaurant with an RV under £65,000 has been empty for 12 months or more, and is then occupied as the same, a 50% relief can be applied for 12 months if no other reduction is being made. 

New Start Scheme  New Start relief is offered to new build properties. The relief can only be granted for new properties built on or after 1st April 2013. Up to 100% relief is available for a maximum of 18 months. This includes 3 months empty property relief.

Mandatory relief  Registered charities and amateur sports clubs can apply for up to 80% relief on any non-domestic property which is used wholly or mainly for that charity or club. If you qualify for this relief we may remove the remaining 20% of the bill by awarding discretionary relief.

Discretionary relief  Relief of up to 100% may be available for properties which are used by certain organisations which are not run for profit, for example, sports, theatre, arts, clubs and so on. It is possible for certain licensed clubs to receive discretionary relief.

Disabled persons relief  You may be eligible for up to 100% relief if you provide residential accommodation for the care of people who are ill or if you provide training, welfare services or workshops for disabled people.

Hospitality relief  From 1 April 2017 there will be a 12.5% cap on the 2017/18 bill increase for restaurants, pubs, cafes, and hotels. Please contact the Business Rates staff for more information on this relief. 

Small business bonus scheme  From 1 April 2017, the Scottish Government will continue with the existing Small Business Bonus Scheme (SBBS). If you are eligible for SBBS your relief will automatically transfer into 2017/18. If you have not applied under the previous scheme, contact us.

Rateable value range% relief
£15,000 or less100%
£15,001 to £18,00025%
£18,001 to £35,00025% on each individual property with an RV value of £18,000 or less

If you have more than one business property, with a combined rateable value of between £18,001 and £35,000, you will get a 25% relief on each individual property with a rateable value of under £18,000.








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