Renfrewshire Council

Calculating business rates

Business rates, also known as non-domestic rates, are calculated by multiplying the rateable value by the rate per £1.

The rateable value is determined by the Assessor, which is her estimate of the rental value of the property on 1 April 2015 and other factors such as property size and usage. The rate per £1 is announced each year by the Scottish Government.

The rate poundage for 2019/2020 is 49p per £1.

Properties with a rateable value of over £51,000 will have an extra supplement of 2.6p added to the rate per £1.

There is no Health Supplement for 2019/2020.

To give you an indication of your business rates bill for 2019/2020, use the Scottish Government's Business Rates calculator. This calculator determines gross liability, relief and net liability.

Payment of business rates is due in 10 monthly instalments from May to February on the 7th of each month. Alternatively, rates can be paid by two half yearly instalments in June and December.

Any business that has not made the equivalent of a minimum of four monthly instalments (or the first half yearly payment) by 30th September 2019 will be liable to pay the rates in full for the year.

By law, assessors must revalue business properties every five years. New rateable values arising from the most recent valuation took effect from 1 April 2017.