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You might think that a bank account isn't for you, but having one can save you money.

  • you can get discounts on bills when you pay by Direct Debit
  • you can pay in cheques without having to pay fees, and
  • you can normally get your money out free of charge.

You don't have to have an overdraft and having an account makes it easier to get a job, as most employers will only pay wages into an account.

Most high street banks offer basic accounts with straight forward identification requirements. And for most basic accounts you don't need to put any money in to open one.

Most credit unions also offer savings accounts.

Once you set up your bank account, you will be able to take money out of an automated teller machine (ATM) also known as a cash machine. 

Some ATMs  now charge a fee per withdrawal but many in Renfrewshire are still free. For a list of free ATMs and to find your nearest one visit

The ATM locator provides details and a map of all ATMs, free and charging, and tells you what the charge is. It is kept up to date by LINK - the UK's cash machine network - so the information should always be correct and up to date.



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