Renfrewshire Council

Priority 6: Raising attainment and closing the attainment gap

Our aspiration

We want all children in Renfrewshire to have the opportunity to do well at school and get a great start in life and we are determined to close the gap in educational attainment between children from higher income families and those from lower income families and vulnerable backgrounds.


The Council has been working hard to raise levels of achievement and attainment in our children and young people and to deliver a high quality education service across all our schools.  Our attainment levels have been rising for a number of years as result but young people from poorer households continue to perform at a lower level than those from wealthier backgrounds.  We will continue our efforts to improve attainment levels for all of our young people, but we will also focus very strongly on closing the gap between children from low income households and/or vulnerable backgrounds and their better-off peers.

We know that the better our young people do at school, the better their prospects to go onto further education or enter well paid employment.  We also know that the earlier we can start to address lower attainment levels, the better the change of successfully closing the gap.  We will put in place interventions that will start in nursery and then carry through to primary and the secondary schools.

We want to try out new ways of working that research suggests will make a difference and we are working with University of Strathclyde to deliver a range of high quality professional learning opportunities for head teachers and class teachers designed to improve children's reading and writing (literacy) skills.  Investment from the Council to support the Tackling Poverty Programme is being used to implement the programme in schools within serve our most deprived communities and we will use the evidence gathered to consider how best to develop and expand the approach.

We will make better use of the data collected through better analysis and interpretation. We will use standardised assessments and classroom observations to support teacher professional judgement to develop, tailor and target our approaches, share best practice across our schools and improve the curriculum and the quality of teaching and learning.

What we will do

  • Deliver the Renfrewshire Literacy Development Programme to provide high quality professional learning opportunities for teachers
  • Make better use of the data we hold to support the learning and teaching of young people
  • Establish a baseline of attainment in literacy and numeracy at key stages through better use of standardised assessments
  • Implement the National Improvement Framework in our schools

How will we know we have been successful?

Our success measures will be:

  • Levels of attainment in literacy and numeracy at SCQF level 4
  • Tariff scores of lowest 20%, middle 60% and highest 20% of attainers in the senior phase
  • Primary School literacy and numeracy standardised assessment scores
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