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Learning, health and wellbeing

Find out how our education psychology service are using evidence-based wellbeing programmes to help children and young people recover from the impact of coronavirus and lockdown.

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Learning and curriculum:

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We know that the coronavirus pandemic and being away from school for so long has been a struggle for everyone, especially our children and young people. To support children and young people return to school and nursery, we are using evidence-based programmes that we know work. The levels of support will be different for younger children and young people, however everyone will be supported to talk about their experiences of lockdown and to reconnect with friends and staff. 

You can also work through our Skills for Recovery programme, which is aimed at senior primary and secondary school pupils. We've also included two activities you can take part in and talk to your child about each week. 

We are here to support children, young people and their families. We hope the resources listed below will support you too. If you are struggling, please speak to your child's nursery or school. 

Learning and curriculum

Learning for nursery children

Your children will continue to get the chance to connect with each other and extend their interests and motivation to learn. Nurseries will focus on the core areas of literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing, allowing children to learn new skills and apply them through their play.

Children will only have access to toys and equipment that are easy to clean. Resources such as sand, water and play dough may be used but only by consistent groupings of children - each nursery will do their own risk assessment on these.

Learning for primary school children

Schools will continue to focus on the evidence-based approaches already used to teach literacy and numeracy. They will also look to harness the benefits of outdoor learning - helping children be physically active, enjoy and learn about their natural environment, and relax.

We will help our new Primary 1 children settle in by supporting them to development positive relationships, and offering quality, play-based experiences.

Learning for secondary school children

Secondary school pupils will follow the normal curriculum and a full range of subject choices will be available. Personal and Social Education classes will focus on mental, emotional and social wellbeing, which we know will be important given the impact of lockdown.

For this year's qualifications, information on the post-certification review process will be available from schools - please contact them if you need more info. In terms of how next year's qualifications will work, we are awaiting further guidance from the SQA.

Helping pupils catch up after lockdown

We are aware parents may be worried that learning from home will not have been the same as learning in school. When schools return, our teaching staff will do what they do best - they will work with children and young people to understand their experiences during lockdown, work out where they may need extra support in terms of their learning, and put a plan in place to deliver that. For secondary pupils this will happen in each subject area.

Health and wellbeing

Secondary school wellbeing programmes

Skills for Recovery 

We are running a six-week Skills for Recovery digital programme for P6 to S6 pupils to discuss their feelings about the pandemic and lockdown. You can support your child each week by trying the exercises and discussing the theme of the week together. 

Week one: Reconnecting

Children and young people going back to nursery and school is just as big a change for parents and carers as it is for children. Take the time to reconnect; check in on both your own and your family's mental health and wellbeing, it'll help both you and your child's transition back into learning. 


Week two: Belonging 

Change is sometimes difficult to cope with. It's normal to feel anxious when routines change and supportive relationships end. Remember, everyone has good and bad days.  


Week three: Regulating 

Building new routines and reaching out when you need support are key to improving your health and wellbeing. Don't forget to involve your child in these activities too. 


Week four: Relating 

Remember to be kind to yourself. Life has changed dramatically over the last five months and it's easy to get hung up on the negatives. Think about how you feel; try to find the positives and put your thoughts into context. 


Week five: Responding 

Talking is so important. Talk to your child about how they're feeling and reach out to your own family and friends to share your thoughts and feelings too. 


Week six: Hoping 

Acknowledge what you've learned from lockdown and what habits you might like to take with you as measures ease. We appreciate it was a difficult time but it also brought some unexpected positives; simpler routines, reconnecting with neighbours, showing kindness. 


  • write a letter to your future self
  • find out what your child learned over the last few months.

Seasons for Growth

We use these workshops to support P5 to S6 pupils' emotions around change, loss, grief and trauma. It also promotes feelings of connectedness and will support pupils returning to school. Each workshop supports young people to identify strategies and people who can help them manage their feelings and adjust to our changed lives.

Living Life to the Full (LLTTF)

LLTTF is an evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy programme that we are rolling out to all secondary schools during the school year 2020-21.

They also have a free online course for adults

Primary school and nursery wellbeing programmes

We will continue to teach emotional literacy to pupils in primary school to help children to talk through their experiences of the pandemic and lockdown. 

We will use the recovery response resources available from these evidence-based programmes:

For older primary pupils, please check out our Skills for Recovery programme and Seasons for Growth workshops above. 

Counselling and support

Therapeutic counselling services is a new service available to all children and young people in Renfrewshire aged 10 and over. Please speak to your school if you would like to discuss accessing this service.

Speak to your school if you have any concerns about your child's or family's health and wellbeing. The coronavirus pandemic has been an extremely challenging time and we are here to support you. Our education psychology team can help you to get the right support and advice for your circumstances.