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Teaching Assistant - An Introduction (NEW)

Becoming a Teaching Assistant, or TA, is a very rewarding role. This course explains the requirements to become a TA and the workings of a modern school. The course also introduces Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs.

Travel & Tourism - An Introduction

This course gives an introduction to those considering a career in the Travel and Tourism Industry. The course gives an overview of the different types of work within tourism and explains how different tourist businesses rely on each other.

Business Administration - An Introduction

Business Administration is an important role in many organisations. This course will help candidates understand the role and develop many useful skills including: planning, prioritisation and customer service.

Early Years Childcare (2 courses: Childminder/Nursery)

These two Early Years Childcare courses provide core training and outline roles and responsibilities for those wishing to work in: 1) Childminding or 2) a Nursery. Both courses cover safeguarding and the Early Years foundation stage.

Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing and logistics are key employers within the modern world of business. Our online learning explains the basic operations of a warehouse and includes specific training on operational health and safety within this area.

Food Hygiene & Safety (Level 1 & Level 2)

The food hygiene courses cover food hygiene, hazards and poisoning, how food becomes unsafe, personal hygiene, awareness of contamination, proper cleaning and sanitising, premises and equipment and food handling responsibilities.

Retail Skills & Values

This course gives the learner a good understanding of the need for excellent customer service and communication skills within the Retail sector. It goes on to give useful tips to improve and develop these skills.

Call / Contact Centre

This online learning module provides a good understanding of contact centre operations. By the end of the course, you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of a contact centre and the role of an agent.

Customer Service & Care - An Introduction

Customer Service is one of the most important aspects in any business. This course is designed to cover a range of areas, including the principles of excellent customer care; how to provide excellent customer care; and, how to communicate effectively with customers.

Restaurant Hospitality

An online learning course to explain the basics in good hospitality skills including best customer service. It will also show how it can be equally useful for workers in other areas of hospitality such as bars, cafes and coffee shops. 

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

The COSHH course explains all the rules, regulations and good practices which cover the laws relating to the common hazardous substances found in most workplaces. This course is valuable to those working across many industries.

Planning to Start Your Own Business

This course is designed to give you guidance about how to turn your ideas into a simple business plan and provide the basic skills to start a new company. The course is also explores the aims of your business and realistic expectations for what is required to meet them.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

This Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (SOVA) course is designed to help those who work with vulnerable adults increase their knowledge. Safeguarding adults is everyone's responsibility and having a thorough understanding is invaluable.

Safeguarding Children & Young People

Our safeguarding children course is essential for anybody who works with the young. This course will help you understand your role and responsibilities, and support you in feeling confident in carrying out appropriate actions should you have any concerns.