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1140 Early Learning and Childcare

Early learning and childcare 1140 hours expansion deadline removed

Local authorities will no longer be legally obliged to deliver 1140 hours of funded childcare from August 2020.

The Scottish Government took the decision to delay the full implementation of 1140 to allow local authorities to focus on the coronavirus pandemic response. The full statement on the temporary suspension of the legislation is available by clicking on the link in the related links section.

Our plans for Early learning and childcare 1140 hours expansion

We are still moving forward with our plan to provide children in Renfrewshire with 1140 hours of fully funded early learning and childcare where possible. Children who are currently receiving 1140 hours of early learning and childcare will continue to receive this.

Our plan will give parents and carers increased access to high quality, flexible and affordable childcare for their child. It'll also mean lots of new Early Learning and Childcare jobs and opportunities in Renfrewshire.

FAQs on 1140 ELC applications

Apply now for August 2020 [113KB]

What if I have already applied for 1140 hours of early learning and childcare for my child

All applications already received are currently being reviewed by our local area admission panels and you will be informed of the outcome of your application by the end of May.

Can I still apply for 1140 hours of early learning and childcare for my child

Yes, you can still apply for an 1140 ELC place for session 2020/21 and if we are not able to provide this, your child is still entitled to 600 hours of early learning and childcare. We are currently updating our process regarding this and will have a new online application available soon. Please check back for updates.

To help you fill out the form, check out our frequently asked questions article - see 'related articles'. You can also find our application form [113KB] under 'related documents'.

When can my child get funded hours of early learning and childcare?

Council-run nurseries, funded private and voluntary providers, and funded childminders are currently required to offer 600 early learning and childcare hours to eligible children from August 2020 and 1140 hours will be provided where there is space.

You should speak to your local nursery to find out more about when spaces might become available.

Why can't my child get 1140 ELC right now?

Getting ready to offer 1140 hours of early learning and childcare from all council-run nurseries, funded private or voluntary providers and funded childminders is a big task. It involves large-scale recruitment, building improvements taking place and full allocation of government funding. The covid-19 situation has resulted in a delay in progressing with building projects.

We are still working with our funded private and voluntary providers and funded childminders to make sure we have as many 1140 places available from August 2020.

How will I know there are 1140 spaces at my local nursery?

Your local nursery will tell you when there are spaces available. These spaces will be prioritised based on need.

Are all children in a nursery getting 1140 ELC at the same time?

Due to the funding allocation and the scale of recruitment and building works that our expansion requires, our nurseries are not able to offer all children that attend a nursery 1140 hours of ELC at the one time.

We will offer 1140 ELC to children where there is space to do so. We will prioritise these spaces based on need.

If another nursery is able to offer 1140 hours, can I put my child there?

Each nursery is responsible for offering 1140 ELC to eligible children where they have space to do so. Due to the complexity of the expansion, we are unable to hold a central register of 1140 ELC spaces, so we ask you to speak to your local nursery in the first instance.

Once we have completed recruitment and building works, we will have a clearer picture of where there are spaces to offer 1140 ELC.  

How do you prioritise need?

Need is based on our eligibility criteria [92KB] . You can check that out under 'related documents'.

Who can I speak to if I need more information?

You should speak to your local nursery to find out how 1140 ELC is being rolled-out within their establishment.

We will continue to update this webpage with further details of the expansion.

Last updated Wednesday 13 May 2020